Strengthening Our Health Equity Network Statewide Gathering

  • 04 May 2015
  • 05 May 2015
  • San Juan County, New Mexico


The theme of this year’s Health Equity Gathering is Strengthening our Health Equity Network.  This will be an opportunity to get together with people from around New Mexico who are in the forefront of local projects to increase health equity—people involved in county and tribal health councils, health impact assessments, and Place Matters teams.  Many of these projects have made great progress over the past couple of years; everyone attending will be able to share successes and challenges and to learn from one another.  The two-day agenda will include site visits to exciting local health equity initiatives and projects.  There will also be opportunities to learn about recent developments with the NM Dept. of Health and the NM Alliance of Health Councils.


All county and tribal health councils, health impact assessment projects, and Place Matters teams in New Mexico are encouraged to attend.  Lodging will be provided by the New Mexico Health Equity Partnership for one representative from each health council, four representatives from each Place Matters Team, and two representatives from each Health impact Assessment team. 


Each of the state's 38 health councils is invited to send one representative to attend the conference; each health council may select who their representative will be. The hope is that most or all of the state's health councils will be represented.  The New Mexico Health Equity Partnership will provide accommodations in Farmington for each of those representatives:  Two nights (Sunday and Monday) for people driving four hours or more to the conference, and one night for those traveling less than four hours.


The registration deadline for this conference is March 31, 2015. 


 For more information please contact Jinelle Scully by phone by phone at 505-490-1201 or, by email at


You can register online here.

This learning opportunity brought to you by:

 NM Health Equity Partnership, NM PLACE MATTERS Teams and the NM Alliance of Health Councils.  It is

hosted by the San Juan Community PLACE MATTERS Team. 


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