Health Care Legislation included in the 2021 NM legislative session.

Information on the health related legislative bills below can be found at  The Alliance of Health Councils does not take a position on any of the legislation listed below and encourages member councils to be well informed and have community conversations to determine whether to support a specific bill.

HB37 Paid Sick Leave Rubio

HB38 Paid Family & Medical Leave Chandler

HB47 Elizabeth Whitefield End of Life Options Act D. Armstrong

Health Security Planning & Design Act D. Armstrong / Ortiz y Pino

HB112 Health Benefits for Certain Non Citizens J. Martinez

HB Health Care Affordability Fund D. Armstrong

HB Prescription Drug Affordability Board Rubio

SB Health Care Consumer Protection Duhigg

HB 117 General Appropriations Act- 150 million increase to Medicaid Mental Health

HB 102 Violence Intervention Program Act

HB 47 Elizabeth Whitfield End  of Life Options Act

HB 20 and HB 37  Paid Sick Leave Act

HB 38  Family and Medical Leave Act

HB 93 limit in school suspensions

SB 128 suicide prevention, response and treatment act

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